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Based in the city of Coban in Guatemala, our beans are sourced by FEDECOVERA, the Federation of Cooperatives of the Verapaces. This is an autonomous cooperative founded on February 23th, 1976. The cooperative produces a variety of different things, including cardamom, allspice, coffee, tea, essential oils, basic grains, vegetables and of course, cacao!


Fedecovera employs 25,000 producing families gathered in 36 cooperatives and 12 associations; taking care of more than 140,000 people. 

They aim to:

Improve the quality and increase the production at the farm level and consequently improve farmers’ competitiveness. Build capacity of farmers and farmer organisations.

Build long-term partnerships with customers that share the same interests and values. 


The Nueva Waslala Cooperative sells fermented cocoa governed by high quality standards for its collection and processing. The cocoa comes from farms certified in organic and UTZ qualities. 


Located in the municipality of Waslala, Matagalpa.   

Cultivated by 285 certified producers of which 76 are women, within these producers, 80% of these have this item as their only source of income, in such a way that it economically supports approximately 65 families. 



Located in the province of Los Ríos, Ecuador, an area characterized by soils of alluvial formation with climate and topography suitable for the production of the best cocoa in the world.

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